The Worst 7 things about living in Florida


Originally from Boston, Massachusetts I relocated to Florida in 1989. So by now, I consider myself to be sort of a Floridian.  Though Florida is a tropical destination state, there are some things that I don’t particularly like about living in Florida. In no particular order, here we go.

  1. Hurricane Season – Hurricane season starts June 1st and ends November 30th.  Though I’ve been through a few of them, the worse is when they are heading directly for your area.  We live in St. Pete, FL about  20 minutes away from the Tampa Bay Area, in an area where it get flooded.  Most of the times, we are warned ahead, but unfortunately when you live near the bay like we do, we get all the surge from the storm.  Last year during Tropical Storm Debby our area flooded really bad that cars were not able to pass through.
  2. Hot Summer Months – It’s no surprise that I LOVE tropical weather!! However, when you are used to living in a cold state, HOT is better than Cold!! The hottest months in Florida are June, July and August. It’s gets so hot down here, that you don’t feel a breeze at all. When you breathe, you are breathing hot air and it’s so uncomfortable, at least for me it is.
  3. Life is a RUSH – When I moved here, I kept telling my friends, “I’m going to a state where it’s island living.” People won’t be in a rush.  Boy, was I wrong. Everyone is in such a rush even when driving. Life is too short to be always in a rush, sometimes we need to slow down. But Florida does not offer that.
  4. Lightning – When it rains in Florida, it rains.  I mean we are talking about some dangerous lightning.  Visitors who come to Florida, don’t take this serious. We’ve had visitors from other states that have been striked  by lighting and have died. Heavy lightning is common during hurricane season, so be warned if you travel to Florida during hurricane season.
  5. People drive like maniacs – I don’t know if it’s like this where you live, but here in Florida, it’s bad.  Drivers are not considerate of each other, they don’t use their blinkers and they cut in front of you.  I would rather live in an island where you can walk or ride a bike.
  6. Palmetto Bugs – Ok so its not surprise that I HATE roaches or palmetto bugs, what ever you want to call them.  My husband and I debate on this one because he says that they are called Palmetto Bug and I say they are roaches. Nevertheless, they are disgusting and I can’t seem to kill them unless I have a heavy broom with me.
  7. Love Bugs – Also known as honeymoon fly, kissing bug, or double-headed bug.  They are in season April & May and late August through September. Though these things are harmless they are indeed a pain in the butt.  They are known for excessively clogging of vehicle radiator and the obstruction of windshield when they are smeared all over the glass.


My hubby crossing our neighborhood during Tropical Storm Debby


Me sitting on top of a fallen palm tree


Wind, Rain and Lightning picking up during Tropical Storm Debby


Intersection where we live

Florida Palmetto Bug

Florida Palmetto Bug – Pic via Google


Lovebugs – Pic via Google