10 Reasons Why I Love Traveling with my Spouse


Traveling can be stressful at times if you are not prepared or don’t have the experience. Luckily for me, my husband who’s a military brat has extensive experience in traveling.  I’ve put together a list of the top “10 Reasons Why I love Traveling with my Spouse.” Come to think about, we are alike in a lot of things.

In no particular order:

  1. Experience:  Being a military brat has really come in to play when we travel.  He knows every airport in the US and the world and which airline flies where.
  2. Laid Back Traveler – In this department we are so alike.  He is very laid back, meaning that when we get to our destination, he’s more about taking our time exploring and not worry about what time we need to be somewhere.
  3. Cautious – Another area where we are so much alike, is that we’re both very cautious about our surroundings, whether it’s at the airport, in a taxi cab or on the way to our destination.
  4. Funny – I love this about him….we make believe that we are in the Amazing Race running around the airport to get to our gate.
  5. Does Not get sick– He does not get sick traveling, for the most part, he’s very healthy, unlike me who gets the flu every year and who’s gotten sick while traveling.
  6. Stays awake on a flight – Ok we are so different on this one.  It doesn’t matter how long the flight is, he does not sleep during flights. I on the other hand, as soon as we are in the air, I’m out.
  7. Knowledge of Currency Exchange – Living in different countries and currently working at an airport, he truly knows the currency exchange.
  8. Knowledge of Art and Culture – He has good understanding and knowledge in art and culture and always shares with me his favorites.
  9. Does not worry about expense – He says that we work too hard not to enjoy ourselves while traveling. His motto is, “We have the money, lets spend,” and boy do I LOVE this about him 🙂
  10. Airplane Tolerance – Whether its a baby crying, someone snoring really loud or passengers having loud conversations these are some of the few things that he seems to have tolerance for.


In front of the Star Wars Wax Museum – St. Augustine, FL.

What are some of your reasons for traveling with your spouse? Feel free to comment.

Happy Travels ~ Ruthie