11 Must Have Travel Items to Pack

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It doesn’t matter where I’m traveling to, I always tend to over pack.  However, I can tell you exactly what I’m packing and bringing with me onboard. Here are my top 11 travel items that I don’t leave home without.

Nowadays, airlines don’t feed their passengers as much, so I always carry food with me when I get on an airplane.  My favorite is Trail Mix, with a mixture of raisins, sunflower seeds, cashews and peanuts you can really spend the whole flight eating 🙂

Trail Mix Cropped

Trail Mix

Whether I’m driving, on a plane or walking, I’m always looking for things to write about for my next blog post. So it’s important for me to carry my journal!

Journal Cropped


I love traveling with my iPad! it’s convenient, it doesn’t weigh as much as my lap top and fits perfectly in my backpack. I have access to all of my social media apps, my emails, pictures and even my blog.  Now this varies depending on where I am traveling to. So on some trip I take my laptop verses the iPad.

iPad Cropped


This is one item I DO NOT LEAVE home without! I tend to get nervous and sometimes nauseous when I’m traveling, so I always carry some Dramamine with me.  It’s the only thing that will calm my nerves down.

Dramamine Cropped


You can never go wrong with bringing a bottle water with you Onboard.  That is after you have crossed security.

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Bottle Water

This item will vary. However, I’m a sucker for a good traveling and romance book, especially if it relates to Italy or Sicily.

Book Cropped


I love taking my DVD player. By watching movies, It makes the trip go by faster!

DVD Player Cropped

DVD Player

I love my Sony Cyber-Shot Camera especially its LCD Screen. It’s small enough to fit anywhere in my carry on luggage or backpack. I’ve been known to take 400+ pictures with this camera. I’m looking to upgrade my Sony to either a Canon or Nikon this year, which I’m super excited about.

Camera Cropped

Sony Camera

I tend to get a lot of headaches, so this is another item I do not leave behind when I travel. Out of all of the products out there, Advil is the only one that that relieves any type of pain or headache I may get while traveling. It always comes in handy.

Advil Cropped


My iPhone is attached to my hip (so to speak). I’m like a gunslinger with this thing!  Always ready to point and shoot. The iPhone has one of the best phone cameras I have ever had the pleasure of using!  The pictures come out clear and it’s easy to upload to any social media platform.

iPhone Cropped 4


I also pack an iPod. Music makes my world go around and even though my iPad is loaded with music, I prefer to travel with a smaller iPod like my Nano just for situations when I don’t want to carry around my tablet.

iPod Cropped

Nano iPod

What items must you travel with? Feel free to leave a comment.

Happy Travels ~ Ruthie

4 thoughts on “11 Must Have Travel Items to Pack

  1. Thanks Ruthie – this is a very timely post for me as we are about to fly in a few hours!! Must. get. some. snacks!

    • Hi Sharon,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Snacks always come in handy in any flight. Have a great time and remember to take photos for us!

      Happy Travels – Ruthie

    • Thank you so much! I know everyone is different with their packing items, but these really help me. Thank you for sharing on your Facebook!! It’s appreciated!!

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