Never Give Up on your Travel Dreams

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As a young teenager, I always wanted to travel around the world and see what it was like. I remember saying to my dad, that I wanted to go and live in Hawaii and his response back to me was “that it was too dangerous for a female to be traveling alone”.  This comment has stayed with me through the years and at some point in my younger days, a part of me agreed with him. However, I’ve spent countless nights and days reading a lot of travel blogs and I know for a fact that’s not completely true.

Now that I’m older, I wonder how my life would of turned out to be if I would of taken that leap of faith to travel the world.  My dreams of traveling the world would of been accomplished. BUT, I can tell you that I have been blessed with a husband who’s traveled the world four times and has lived and visited many places.  We’ve made it a point, to travel together to as many places as we can and explore.

Out of the two, I’m more adventurous. I’m all about dropping everything and taking off to a magical place where my husband is more of the realistic person, which by the way there is nothing bad about that.  As a couple, travel for us has become important in our lives as we both work full time jobs.  We believe that you work too hard not to take vacations and that no matter what job you have, you need that time away.

Sometimes life can take us for a loop. We think that we are heading one way and somehow we take another direction. There’s always a reason why we didn’t take that route and at times we don’t understand. As a young teenager, I did not understand what my dad was telling me. Now that I’m older, I know that he was only trying to protect me and for that I’m thankful.

This photo below is a constant reminder to me, that no matter what road we take in our travels, we should embrace the ride and stay clear of anything or anyone telling us different.

Where should I go


4 thoughts on “Never Give Up on your Travel Dreams

  1. So true!! Two weeks after graduating university, I packed up my suitcases and moved 1/2 way around the world to Taiwan. Little did I know my 2 year travel and teaching plans in Asia would turn into a 14 year (nearly 15 year) adventure!! Happy Travels, Ruthie!! May you embrace your travel dreams and the unknown with open arms!!

    • Hi Foreignsanctuary,

      Thank you so much for the warm and comforting words! My dream has always been to visit and explore what this world has to offer. I’m excited to know someone who has moved to Taiwan and has been traveling for years, that for me is such an inspiration!

      Thank you for commenting and acknowledging my blog. Feel free to stop by and comment on my posts, it’s very much appreciated!

      I’m looking forward to connecting with your blog as well.


      Ruthie – Ruthie’s Routes

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