6 Tips On How To Travel With Limited Vacation Days

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Traveling with limited vacation and PTO days is not as fun as traveling full time.  Unfortunately, those who work a corporate full time job like myself, don’t have as much time to travel to as many places as I want. Take my husband as an example,  he’s been working for the same company for years, so he has more flexibility with time off. I, on the other hand, can’t say much, as I have landed jobs that either you get a week or two weeks after being with a company your first year.

With limited vacation and PTO days, you have to be able to use your time wisely.  I plan trips ahead of time, so that I know what time off I need to ask for.

Here are a few tips that I have found beneficial for me while traveling with limited work vacation days. These are only my views and experience of traveling with minimal time off.

  1. Request Time off Immediately: When I know that I’m traveling, I immediately request the time off from work. This will ensure I get the approval from my manager. Of course, this could also depend on your seniority with the company you work at.
  2. Be Flexible with travel dates:  I’ve had one instance, where someone else requested the same travel dates. In that case, I had to move my days around.  Remember to be flexible especially if you don’t have seniority within the company. For the most part, I usually get the requested time off.
  3. Travel on Holidays – If you are traveling on holidays such as Thanksgiving,  your airfare will be cheaper. If you depart early in the morning you can reach your destination and still enjoy a nice Thanksgiving dinner with your family or friends. I recommend flying back on Saturday after the holiday instead of Sunday, because it’s more expensive to fly out on the Sunday after the holiday.
  4. Travel After or Before Spring Break – Florida is considered to be a popular destination for Spring Breakers, so Tampa International Airport is super busy.  Airline pricing during this time is unreal, so I try not to travel between March and April (around Easter weekend).
  5. Book Your Airline Tickets As Early As Possible – Booking your airlines tickets as early as possible will ensure that you get the best pricing, at least that’s been my experience.
  6. Catch an Early Flight – For me, getting up earlier is better.  I’m an early bird, so the earlier the flight the better it is for me.  I’ve been know to be up at 3:30am to catch a 7:00am flight.

What are some of your traveling tips while having minimal time off? Would love to hear from you on this topic.

Happy Travels ~ Ruthie



5 thoughts on “6 Tips On How To Travel With Limited Vacation Days

  1. I am in the same boat with limited vacation days. I usually try to see what days my company offers as days off for the year (labor day, independence day, other holidays, etc.) and try to optimize my vacation time with taking the least amount of days off around those allotted days off.

    I’ll also try to take flights that depart after my work day, so I can work a full day and arrive at my destination that night.

    When possible, I try to negotiate “flex” days – working 4 ten hour days vs. 5 eight hour days to get a long weekend. Of course, that doesn’t work with every company but it’s worth a shot!

    • Hi UnrestingSea,

      I appreciate you stopping by my blog! It’s a little difficult traveling with minimal and limited vacation days, but I’m on the same page with you.

      I also utilize a lot of the holidays to travel within those days and have also travel after working a full day of work.

      It’s not easy, but we have to work with what we have right? 🙂




  2. Great tips, Ruthie!! I find traveling a couple of days before a national holiday cuts down on travel expenses. For example, we saved over $800 ($400 each) by flying three days ahead of our intended schedule a couple of years ago.

    • I totally understand what you are saying and I agree! I’ve traveled before on Thanksgiving Day and the ticket was so cheap!

      I appreciate you stopping by and commenting!


    • Agree with you that traveling on holidays can save money! We flew to Australia on Christmas Day last year and it was much cheaper than either the day before or after. If you can be flexible and are willing to adjust, you can certainly save some money.

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