Monday Musings: 2 Etiquette Tips for Re-Gifting a Gift

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I felt compelled to write about this topic, not because I wanted to, but because of an experience that I went through.  Do to privacy, I won’t go into details of when, where or show a picture of the gift. I was so excited to receive this gift. It was nicely wrapped with a holiday see through wrapping paper. Very festive and Christmassy! I could not wait to get home, open it up, and taste what was inside. It was one of my favorite things to eat!!

When I arrived at home that evening, I quickly unwrapped the gift and placed the gift card that was attached to the wrapping paper, on the table, not paying attention to it. I started tasting and indulging in my gift and could stop eating, it was delicious!! The next day, I had a few more bites and noticed that I had put the gift tag on the table.  I picked up the tag and was curious enough to flip the tag around.  I don’t know what made me do this.  AND guess what???

How many of you, have ever re-gifted a gift that was given to you? Well, I have.  There I said it. I’ve re-gifted gifts, such as clothing and food, especially if the clothes were not my style of clothing or the food was something that I did not like.  I don’t think there is nothing wrong with re-gifting a gift. However, it’s important to follow two simple etiquette tips for re-gifting a gift.


This is the most important tip ever.  If you are going to re-gift a gift, PLEASE make sure that the tag where you write the person’s name is blank. Unfortunately, for me, there was another person’s name on the tag. So clearly, my gift was a re-gift. However, the person who re-gifted the gift, forgot to put a new tag on the gift, and therefore there was a name on my gift tag. AND it wasn’t my name.


Make sure, that you wrap the gift with a different wrapping paper or a new box. It’s always nice to wrap the gift in a box, giving it a fresh new look. If you see holes or scribbles on the paper or box that could mean, that the gift is a re-gift.

Personally, I think, it’s common courtesy to make your gift presentable as possible, even if you are re-gifting a gift. Remember to attach a new gift tag to the gift you’re giving away.

Have you ever re-gifted a gift that was given to you? If so, what was it?

Happy Travels ~ Ruthie


2 thoughts on “Monday Musings: 2 Etiquette Tips for Re-Gifting a Gift

  1. Very wise tips! A similar thing happened to me too, but years ago, when I was a teenager. I was at a friend’s house and saw a gift which I had given to another friend for her birthday. I knew it was the same, because it also still had the tag on! Painful…

    • Hi Sarah,

      That’s the worst thing, when you know that the gift you gave to someone was passed on to someone else.

      Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂


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