6 Things to see at The Saturday Morning Market in Downtown St. Pete, FL

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It was a delightful, sunny and cool day in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. I parked my car and walked through the streets feeling the breeze in the air. The perfect day to check out the Saturday Morning Market!  Every year, the market is open during the Fall, from early October to late May, from 9am – 2pm in downtown St. Pete.  It’s become the largest one-day-a-week fresh market in the Southeast US, with about 10,000+ customers each week. It’s a great time for families and friends to come together and enjoy what the market has to offer!

As I walked through the market, I could feel the heat from the sun upon me, and smell the different aromas of food cooking from the numerous vendors.  I was starting to get hungry! The smell of the sausages, onions, bread baking and empanadas was unbearable.  The cool breeze that I had felt while walking to the market, was no longer a cool one but a hot one.  There was no shade to stand under and hide. There was so much going on around me, the food cooking, dogs barking and live music playing.


The Saturday Morning Market – St. Pete, FL.

1. Fresh Vegetables & Produce – The market was filled with fresh produce including green and red peppers, squash, habaneros, organic items and much more.




2. Art – Every year, artist from all over the state of Florida come to showcase their talent. It’s also a great way to network and connect with other artists in the area.



3. Baked Goods – One of my favorite foods at the market and anywhere are baked goods, especially cupcakes. I’m like a kid in a candy store, my eyes go nuts when I see them, especially if they are decorated like these, with colorful sprinkles. As I stood near them to admire the details, I could smell a delicious aroma of empanadas cooking.  I walked by the  empanada stand and the line was a mile long, but that did not stop me from buying one. As I stood in line, I couldn’t decide which one to get as there were so many of them. My eyes connected with the Southwestern Empanada. As I ordered it, I could not wait to take a bite of it.  It was filled with, chicken, black beans, corn and a delicious sauce that left me wanting more.




4. Flowers/Plants – There were so many colorful flowers and plants, I felt like I was in the middle of a greenhouse. Though the Sunflowers did not have a floral scent to them, they were still bright and beautiful.



5. Crafts: I don’t consider myself to be a crafty person, however I loved what the market vendors had on display.



6. Music – There were several musicians playing during the market. But this guy caught my eye. It’s not every day you see an accordionist. His composure and style of music, which added a little bit of folk and classical tunes brought in a big crowd to see him play.


Do you have any local markets in your area? If so, what do you enjoy about them? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Happy Travels ~ Ruthie