FridayFoto: Guest Bench


I came across this bench while taking a stroll on the southernmost tip of Pass-A-Grille Beach in Saint Petersburg. There was this interesting diary with a pen in a metal box attached to the bench. The journal is for anyone wishing to write in it and share their thoughts and feelings from such a beautiful viewpoint. I found this to be a very original and inspiring idea!

Follow your Dreams, They will always lead the Way!!


What have you come across during a beach stroll? Would love to hear from you 🙂

Happy Travels ~ Ruthie

A morning at Pass-A-Grille – Saint Petersburg Beach

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This post is part of the Sunday Traveler Series (#SundayTraveler)

I had been anxiously waiting for Martin Luther King holiday weekend to arrive!!  I had planned a full morning of sightseeing at Pass-A-Grille on Saint Petersburg Beach and I could not wait to get started. The brisk morning air felt good on my face and though it was not super cold, I still brought along a jacket to wear since I knew I was going to be at the beach.

The ride down to Pass-A-Grille was quiet, the highway was deserted, which was very unusual for a holiday weekend. On the way there, I was so excited about highlighting this laid back and authentic beach town located in the southernmost end of Saint Petersburg Beach.  It’s my favorite beach because I can escape the larger beach crowds, it’s quaint, peaceful, beautiful as well as clean. With plenty of metered parking to park at,  you can walk to the beach, ice cream shops, restaurants, outdoor art market, hotels, tennis courts, fishing pier and shop at trendy boutiques.

The streets between Pass-A-Grille and the walkways to the beach are filled with old fashioned, charming cottages and smaller mansion homes with picturesque views of the gulf. The cozy streets are welcoming, but yet inviting enough to spend time with the locals and be able to enjoy a scenic day at the beach. When you are here everything slows down, it’s unique to itself. I find myself taking a step back from my daily busy life and enjoying the ambiance, beauty and nature of it.

The shops and buildings are painted with pastel summer colors to attract the island feel of this eccentric beach town.  Also known as Old Town, Pass-A-Grille, is a U.S. historic district with an interesting history behind it.  It was inhabited by native Americans for thousands of years before Spanish explorers in 1528.

With many shops closed for the holiday, it gave me the liberty to photograph some of the coolest things around the town that I had not seen before.


Storefront buildings


 Art décor displayed above a store



Beach House Store


Paradise Grille Food Court & Shop


Pastel Green & Blue Shops






 View of Pass-A-Grille Beach

What’s your favorite local beach and why? Would love to hear from you 🙂

Happy Travels ~ Ruthie