I’m looking forward to hearing back from you!

I may not always have access to the internet due to traveling or being at a location where internet is not provided. However, you can connect with me via the following links:

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4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I read your guest post on “airportsmadesimple”, It was nice to hear from another “Floridian”. I see you have a tab for “Florida”, I look forward to learning about my new home, yes I’m a fairly recent transplant.

    • Hi Ana,

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! I’m happy to hear that you found me through Airports Made Simple”, Deborah is awesome! Where in Florida do you live? I’m located in St. Pete, not too far from Tampa.

      The Florida Tab on my blog will highlight a lot of what Florida offers; beaches, restaurants, hotels, resorts etc. I’m super excited to share that with my readers. Feel free to stop by and connect with me. You can also follow RuthiesRoutes on Twitter, FB, Bloglovin, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.



      • I checked out the FL tab – nothing in attractions :(. I’m in Orlando, I don’t get to the Tampa area much. My family is thinking about getting a membership at the Clearwater aquarium so I may be make more visits. I especially enjoy Busch gardens. I currently looking for some wilderness places near Orlando. I miss the peace and quiet. I look forward to reading more on FL from you.

      • Hi Ana,

        I just started my Florida Tab and will soon be filled with information regarding Florida. I go to Orlando at least once a year to visit the parks and getaway. The wilderness is peaceful and quiet which I have always enjoyed than city life.


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