FridayFoto: Guest Bench


I came across this bench while taking a stroll on the southernmost tip of Pass-A-Grille Beach in Saint Petersburg. There was this interesting diary with a pen in a metal box attached to the bench. The journal is for anyone wishing to write in it and share their thoughts and feelings from such a beautiful viewpoint. I found this to be a very original and inspiring idea!

Follow your Dreams, They will always lead the Way!!


What have you come across during a beach stroll? Would love to hear from you 🙂

Happy Travels ~ Ruthie


Sunken Gardens – A Historic Tourist Attraction in St. Pete, FL

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Saint Petersburg, FL has some cool places, restaurants, parks, museums and gardens for tourists to explore and visit.  I’m lucky to live in a tourist destination, as it gives me the opportunity to drive to a lot of cool places. This weekend, I visited Sunken Gardens, a landmark since 1930, located in the heart of Saint Petersburg. They are open to the public for educational programs, tours and special events.

For many years, the Gardens were a commercial tourist, but its now operated by the City of Saint Petersburg, FL. The four acre property offers more than 50,000 tropical plants and flowers. It’s unique in a way that it offers beauty, tranquility and its beautifully kept.

A lot of what you’ll see here includes a Japanese Garden, cactus garden, butterfly garden and the Chilean Flamingos.  On this day, I was not able to see the butterfly garden as there was a wedding nearby and it was closed off to the public.


Fountain Plaza

One of the many things that I enjoy about Sunken Gardens is that its peaceful.  Though you’ll find locals and tourists walking around, you have the space to really indulge yourself in the beauty of this luscious botanical oasis.  You can stroll at your own pace, experiencing the natural view of the garden.

Pink Flamingos

Chilean Flamingos

You can hear the waterfalls, birds chirping and parrots. You may even hear wedding music, since it’s a popular venue for weddings.

Sitting area

Sitting Area

Around the garden, you will find sitting areas like the one above.  You may want to stop, take a break and take photos of this quaint botanical garden.

Orange Fishes

KOI Fish

Small pond

One Pond Waterfall

Copper pic

Pure Copper dual Wind Spinner

red parrots

Amazon Parrots

So whether you are in Florida for one day or a week, Sunken Gardens in Saint Petersburg is a must see tourist attraction.  Have you been to Sunken Gardens? If so, what are your thoughts?

Happy Travels ~ Ruthie